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With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to provide affordable, low maintenance, clean, base load energy that can be installed virtually anywhere on the planet.


​Polaris Power integrates cutting-edge technologies to provide a clean, baseload electricity that will be cost-effective against any fossil fuel alternative.


Polaris Power Systems (Netpwr) will truly be the energy system of the 21st century, as it will transform cities and towns around the world into eco-friendly, self-sustaining communities while living in harmony with the environment.

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Netpwr integrates two emerging technologies into a single power unit; the quantum magnetic generator and solid state battery.

Power Source

Netpwr products can use solar, hydrogen , and / or magnetic  generators to power the products.

Solid State Battery

Graphene Solid State Battery is a clean, consistent, reliable energy storage unit that can undergo thousands of charge/discharge cycles with absolutely no loss of power or efficiency. The solid state battery is extremely rugged that has a very long lifespan, and it is not susceptible to fire risk unlike lithium-ion batteries.  Since graphene is composed entirely of carbon, it's more than 90% biodegradable.


NetPwr  – is an Unrestricted…..Unlimited …… Clean…….. Baseload….. Standalone Power Units that can be installed virtually anywhere in the world. It is cost competitive with any fossil fuel alternative. Our product line includes power units ranging from 5 kW to 2MW systems

NetPwr features include.


  • Clean -  No emission, no toxic chemicals, no fossil fuel consumption

  • Unrestricted -  Can be installed anywhere on the planet.

  • Power Density -  Same as a diesel power generator.

  • Baseload -  Able to operate 24/7

  • Long Life Span -  Can operate for 50+ years

  • Low maintenance 

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Polaris Power Units applications include:

  • Island Communities

  • Disaster Relief

  • Telecom

  • Rural Communities

  • Critical Infrastructure


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Polaris Power Ventures  is a Texas based Corporation that has developed a zero carbon, clean energy system, that can be installed near the consumer providing baseload power at a fraction of the cost against any fossil fuel alternative. 

The system is basic in nature and can be quickly installed with very little permitting requirements. 

Polaris Power is in the final phase of product testing before releasing to production.  With commercial contracts being finalized we will be able to quickly capture market share.


Polaris Power Ventures plans go to market with its associated companies seven power units sizes.


Small Scale power units (5-20kW) for Telecom and disaster relief markets


Medium Scale Systems (100-500kW) for islands communities and rural villages, and off grid applications


Larger scale systems (1-2 MW) for Industrial and infrastructure applications


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